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Will Getting Surgery Increase A Personal Injury Settlement?

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Will Getting Surgery Increase A Personal Injury Settlement?

There are various factors that are considered during a personal injury settlement, such as pain and suffering, injuries sustained, and medical bills, which play a vital role in determining the amount you might receive for your claim. Every personal injury case is different, and the settlement amount will vary depending upon the circumstances of your accident. In some personal injury cases, victims have suffered life-altering injuries and need compensation in order to recover losses and get their life back on track. If you have experienced an injury due to an accident that wasn’t your fault, it’s time to speak with one of our personal injury lawyers in Lafayette.

You could receive compensation for any surgeries you may need as a result of the injuries you suffered in an accident. In some cases, people have even chosen to receive unnecessary operations in attempts to increase their personal injury settlement. When trying to improve your settlement claim, this should never be considered. Always be honest about the injuries you have suffered, and if surgery is not necessary, then do not undergo any surgical procedures. Lying about the need for surgery is a risky method because there is no guarantee that having a surgical operation will amount to a higher settlement. Although it’s possible to receive compensation for surgery, there are different aspects that affect your case, and there is no point in having surgery if you don’t actually need it.

The Law Offices of Blaine Barrilleaux has personal injury lawyers that know how to appropriately handle personal injury settlements. With our personal injury lawyers on your side, you won’t have to worry about trying to increase a low settlement amount. We know what factors will impact your claim, and will strive to ensure you receive the correct amount of compensation for your case.

Personal Injury Settlements

Personal injury settlements can be challenging to handle when you don’t understand the diverse factors that can impact a settlement. If you require surgery for your injury, that could increase compensation, but a personal injury lawyer in Lafayette should review your case to determine what you’re entitled to. If you were injured on the job or in an accident, the person or company that caused the accident may have liability insurance that will cover your bills if you need surgery. In some cases, you may receive more in your settlement claim if there is enough insurance to cover the claim you filed. Depending on the other parties’ insurance coverage, you could potentially receive more for your settlement if your injuries require surgery.

If you have suffered a long-term injury, it could potentially impact your claim, as well. Long-term injuries can increase compensation due to the pain and suffering you’ve experienced and the permanent damage inflicted upon you. A personal injury lawyer in Lafayette can help you gain the compensation you deserve. If an insurance company contacts you about your case and offers a settlement, you need to first speak with one of our personal injury lawyers in Lafayette before agreeing to any settlement amount.

Insurance companies usually begin with a low settlement offer and hope you agree to that settlement so that they don’t have to pay out a large amount of money. Often times, people are unaware that you can negotiate the settlement amount or decline their offer. One of our personal injury lawyers in Lafayette can help determine the true value of your personal injury claim and fight for what you deserve. If you need surgery, it’s essential you don’t wait to speak with one of our attorneys because your compensation could be increased.

Personal Injury Lawyers in Lafayette

Countless people have experienced personal injuries and, in some cases, need surgery to recover. If surgery is necessary, you could receive compensation for the operation. Our lawyers understand that surgery can be scary to face, especially when you have to worry about the resulting medical bills and if they’ll be covered in your settlement or not. Our personal injury lawyers in Lafayette can evaluate your case and determine the type of compensation you are potentially entitled to receive for your injuries. The Law Offices of Blaine Barrilleaux have personal injury lawyers that can help you file a personal injury claim. If you’re unsure how surgery will influence the amount you might receive, you need the help of a personal injury lawyer in Lafayette. We understand that you may have questions about approaching insurance companies or receiving compensation for a necessary surgery. Don’t worry; we can answer those questions.

Even if you don’t need surgery, we can assist you with your claim. Our attorneys are available to answer any questions you may have and will keep you updated throughout your case process. Please give us a call at (337) 989-1212 today or fill out our inquiry form.


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