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Lafayette Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer

There is nothing more significant than a brain or spinal cord injury. Long-term care and medical treatment are usually very involved and very expensive. If your brain injury or that of a loved one was caused by suspected negligence or a wrongful act, you should seek legal counsel right away with a Lafayette brain injury attorney.
Medical professionals might have difficulty detecting some brain injuries, and they might make mistakes in treatment or misdiagnose the injury. Symptoms can go undiagnosed for years, making it difficult to pursue compensation. It is crucial to contact an experienced attorney who knows the laws relating to brain and spinal cord injuries.

Louisiana Neck Injury Attorney

A neck, back or spinal cord injury in Lafayette can potentially be severe and can often go undiagnosed for years. It is important to seek appropriate medical attention.
The Law Offices of Blaine J. Barrilleaux can provide the legal representation you need to make sure you receive the appropriate medical attention. We can fight for compensation for your medical expenses and more if your personal injuries were caused by negligence or a wrongful act. Mr. Barrilleaux takes the time to fully understand your situation and the facts of your case. He has over 20 years of legal experience in Louisiana state and federal courts representing clients like you with serious injury claims.

Spinal Cord Damage Attorney

In spinal cord damage and brain injury claims, we pursue compensation for intensive, specialized medical treatment. Your condition may never return to what you once knew, but we can help you obtain compensation that covers your long-term issues.
Brain injury or spinal cord injury can occur as the result of several situations (not necessarily traumatic), including:

Back Injury Lawyer

Many back injuries are caused by major trauma such as truck and car wrecks, but serious injuries can also be caused at work or by medical malpractice. Back injuries can become worse and sometimes debilitating over time if not addressed. An experienced attorney, however, can help you find the cause of your injury, who is at fault and how to obtain compensation for expenses, pain and suffering relating to the injury. We work with medical, accident and financial investigation experts to determine fault for your injury and to help build a case for your deserved compensation in the near- and long-term.

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