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Lafayette and Metairie  personal injury attorney, Blaine J. Barrilleaux, has nearly 20 years of legal experience, and he is licensed in all Louisiana state and federal courts. He has successfully helped hundreds of victims in many cases ranging from Auto Accidents and 18 Wheeler accidents to Offshore and Maritime injuries as well as many others such as Wrongfull Death, Malpractice, Workers Compensation and Premises Liability .

Wrongful Death Lawyer in Louisiana

Though monetary recovery will never bring your loved one back, it can help your family continue to live the life to which you are accustomed by reducing your financial concerns.  Mr. Barrilleaux has nearly 20 years of legal experience in Louisiana state and federal courts fighting for victims' families.
When monetary compensation is your only recourse, we can help you manage expenses and gain peace of mind. The law allows for the recovery of damages by certain designated survivors, and we can help you determine if your case qualifies in these areas and more:

Car accidents
18-wheeler accidents
Premises liability
Maritime law/offshore injuries
Medical malpractice
Brain injuries
Construction accidents

We understand your case is unique. Mr. Barrilleaux is happy to take the time necessary to understand the full scope of your situation. We will work diligently to prepare a solid case for your best possible outcome.

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We will discuss your legal options and the strategies that are in your best interests in pursuing the compensation you deserve.
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Lafayette and New Orleans Fatal Accident Lawyer

If you have experienced the tragic loss of a loved one because of a Lafayette wrongful death accident, you should not have to deal with the consequences alone. While hiring a lawyer may seem to be a low priority, hiring the right lawyer is extremely important. In such an emotional time, a compassionate and competent Louisiana attorney is crucial.
The Law Offices of Blaine J. Barrilleaux in Lafayette can help you obtain compensation for medical expenses, funeral expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering if your loved one has passed because of the negligence or wrongful act of another.
The Law Offices of Blaine J. Barrilleaux, in Lafayette and Metairie, can help you figure out the true worth of your case and the compensation you deserve.
Your compensation should cover long-term issues and expenses you might have to deal with, including in-home care and disability costs.

Never settle for the first settlement offer from an insurance company.

Contact us to discuss your options in a free initial consultation. We do not charge for our legal services if you do not receive a settlement for your injuries. 
Consult an experienced and client-focused Lafayette and Metairie Failure to Diagnose attorney by calling Blaine Barrilleaux 
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