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Lafayette and Metairie  personal injury attorney, Blaine J. Barrilleaux, has nearly 20 years of legal experience, and he is licensed in all Louisiana state and federal courts. He has successfully helped hundreds of victims in many cases ranging from Auto Accidents and 18 Wheeler accidents to Offshore and Maritime injuries as well as many others such as Wrongfull Death, Malpractice, Workers Compensation and Premises Liability .

Metairie Law Office

Personal Injury Attorney in Metairie, Louisiana

If you're on the lookout for high-quality lawyers in Metairie, Louisiana, then you don't have to continue your search much longer at all. You can get in contact with the Law Offices of Blaine J. Barrilleaux. We're a prominent law firm that has offices both in Lafayette and New Orleans. When you need a personal injury lawyer in Louisiana that you can trust, Blaine J. Barrilleaux is the answer. 

All About Blaine J. Barrilleaux

Personal injuries can be extremely difficult situations for the people who experience them. That's why they need to do whatever they can to receive the right legal guidance. Blaine J. Barrilleaux is without a doubt an example of a personal injury lawyer who can provide clients with first-rate legal counsel and beyond. He's a seasoned professional who has been working in the vast legal realm for close to two decades and counting. He has licensing in both federal and state courts in Louisiana as well. Barrilleaux is a hard-working lawyer who has aided seemingly countless personal injury victims. He has helped many personal injury victims receive the compensation they deserve due to maritime injuries, offshore injuries, 18 wheeler accidents, car accidents and more. He has been part of many diverse personal injury cases during his time as a lawyer. He has extensive experience with all different kinds of premises liability, workers' compensation, malpractice and wrongful death cases, too. 

A Personal Injury Lawyer Who Genuinely Cares

Don't waste your precious time looking for Metairie law offices that can provide you with personal injury assistance. Just get in touch with the Law Offices of Blaine J. Barrilleaux. Barrilleaux and his staff members are all diligent, hard-working and attentive professionals who aim to please. You can prove that by reading client testimonials as well. Past and present clients alike can't stop enthusiastically praising this personal injury attorney and his dedicated team. They talk about how Barrilleaux always goes the extra mile to make his clients feel happy and 100 percent at ease. They talk about what a great listener Barrilleaux is. They talk about how it's apparent that the Law Offices of Blaine J. Barrilleaux strive to do great things for any and all clients.

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Our legal practice operates on a contingency fee basis. That means that you only pay us if we come through for you. You don't have to pay for our legal assistance if we don't land you a personal injury settlement. Our priority as a law firm is to help you attain the right compensation. We help people attain compensation for job injuries. We help people attain compensation for all kinds of wrongful death scenarios. We even help them attain compensation for severe vehicle accidents that have turned their lives upside down. If you're searching for personal injury lawyers in Metairie who can offer you A+ counsel, call us now for more information. Other Metairie law offices can't compete with our pure dedication to client satisfaction.

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